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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sea Life

Off the Hook!, Difficulty = 3 (out of 3)
This painting incorporates several individual elements which lengthens the class to the full 2.5 hour mark. However, the colors can be changed to virtually anything. Go Fish!!

Crustacean #1, Difficulty = 1.5 (out of 3)
This is one of a three part painting series. If you want something fun to hang in that beach house then sign up for this series. The background color is your choice. We'll keep it loose and fun so don't fret.

Crustacean #2, Difficulty = 1.5 (out of 3)
The only tricky part to getting this painting finished is following closely the steps to drawing the sea horse. We'll keep it more simple than you think - a few circles, a swirl, and some squiggle lines... that's it! The background is your choice in color. (I like the green!)

Crustacean #3, Difficulty = 2 (out of 3)
This is the last painting in the crustacean series and perhaps my favorite! We''ll be basing the canvas with plenty of color (your choice) and then we'll draw a simple starfish. The texture on the starfish is the result of THICK paint application so don't be stingy! Have fun.

Blue Marlin, Difficulty 2.5 (out of 3)
This is a fantastic piece because we have special canvases (8"x24") on which to paint! This will be the painting you'll hang over your kitchen doorway or cooking range. Hook, line, and sinker!

Happy Fish, Difficulty = 1.5 (out of 3)
Are you looking for a splash of color to add to your summer decor? This is a bolt of bright color. I've kept the design simple and free for interpretation. Choose your colors or follow me while you enjoy the music and wine!

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