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Monday, July 28, 2008

More Landscapes

Desert Plams, Difficulty = 1 (out of 3)
This is one of the first paintings that I taught. I love how easy it is to do these palm trees! Just divide the sky, mountains, and sand and your more than halfway there! It's a bright, modern piece to hang up anywhere.

Farmlands, Difficulty = 1.5 (out of 3)
Also among the first paintings that I taught, this landscape has a quilted feel to it due to the patches of farm terrain and the patterns found on each patch. It's simple an void of intricate details. Add as many trees as you'd like or change the colors in the fields. No measurements necessary!

Bamboo, Difficulty = 1 (out of 3)
This is almost an abstract painting. However, I'll show you how to execute the short brushstrokes that give this painting its characteristic bamboo look. Have even more fun at the end of the painting when we get to "splatter" paint, or speckle the surface with colors!

Abstract Sunrise, Difficulty = 1.5 (out of 3)
Though ambiguous to a degree, this painting still appears to be a sunrise at the beach or lake. The fun part of this painting is the color application. No thought is needed for placement of fine details because there are none. Just sit back and follow me and have fun!

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